Monday, September 12, 2016



2.1 Blues Brothers -konsertti, Kotkan Kaupunginteatteri
3.1 Private event
4.1 Bar&Cafe Paussi, Kotka
23.1 Pub Albert, Kotka
31.1 Kymin kirkko, Karhula

13.2 Kaarle XII, Helsinki
6.2 UMK-semifinaali
17.2 Stella’s Sunday Jazzband, Kouvolan teatteri
20.2 Summan Krouvi, Hamina
25.2 Stella’s Sunday Jazzband, Kamu Hamina
27.2 UMK-finaali

5.3 Jussi Jättikirppis, Kotka
5.3 Kaarle XII, Helsinki
25.3 Jehu, Lemi
27.3 Private event

8.4 Stella’s Sunday Jazzband, Yksityistilaisuus
11.4 Stella’s Sunday Jazzband, Ravintola Kairo Kotka
23.4 Private event
23.4 Kaarle XII, Helsinki

7.5 Ravintola Vaakku, Kotka
8.5 Ravintola Vaakku, Kotka
13.5 Private event
14.5 Private event
15.5 PUUMA STAGE, Esplanadi Helsinki
20.5 The Marmaladies soulyhtye @ Karoliina, Kotka
21.5 Bar&Cafe Paussi, Kotka
27.5 Tanssiorkesteri Sunny Group Six, Kunnonpaikka Kuopio
28.5 Stella’s Sunday Jazzband @ Cafe Galerie, Kouvola
30.5 Santalahti, Kotka

3.6 Summan Krouvi, Hamina
4.6 Private event
6.6 Stella’s Sunday, Kotkan kansallisen kaupunkipuiston avajaiset
6.6 Ravintola Vaakku, Kotka
15.6 Urban Design Boutique, Turku
16.6 U.S Embassy of Finland, Helsinki
18.6 Bassoradio klo 11-00-12.00, Helsinki
18.6 Marina Cafe Laituri, Kotka
25.6 Ravintola Vaakku, Kotka

1.7 Stella’s Sunday, Heinolan Harjupaviljonki
2.7 Woobs & Fellows, Turku
9.7 Stella’s Sunday, Vaakku Rock Kotka
13.7 Betony, Kouvola
16.7 Private event
22.7 Ravintola Vaakku, Kotka
23.7. Private event
24.7 Bar&Cafe Paussi, Kotka
26.7 Samettiklubi On The Rocks, Helsinki
27.7 Sapokan puistokonsertti, Kotka
28.7 Kotkan Meripäivät, Kaupungintalon terassi
29.7 Kotkan Meripäivät, Kotka Lava
30.7 Kotkan Meripäivät, Kotka Lava

6.8 Private event
12.8 Private event
13.8 Private event
15.8 Private event
19.8 Elokuun illat, Haminan Varuskuntakerho
20.8 Linnoitusravintola Kamu, Hamina Bastioni
22.8 Toivo Pekkasen puisto, Kotka
27.8 Cafe Metsänportti Elokuvamusiikki-ilta, Virolahti
28.8 The Marmaladies @ Ravintola For You, Kotka

1.9 Private event
3.9 Private event
8.9 Private event
10.9 Private event
10.9 Bar&Cafe Paussi, Kotka
15.9 Kotka klubin avajaiset, Stella’s Sunday Jazzband
16.9 Kotka klubin avajaiset, Stella’s Sunday Jazzband
19.9 Ravintola Kairo jamit Funky Abba, Kotka
20.9 Ravintola Vaakku, Kotka
24.9 Summan Krouvi, Summa
25.9 Private event

1.10 Private event
1.10 Private event
12.10 Pub Gaselli, Helsinki
13.10 Private event
29.10 Private event

4.11 Tanssiorkesteri Sunny Group Six, Presidentti Helsinki
9.11 Private event
17.11 Spice Girls tribute band, Helsinki
18.11 Tanssiorkesteri Sunny Group Six, Presidentti Helsinki
19.11 Pub Albert, Kotka
23.11 Pub Gaselli, Helsinki
25.11 Linnoitusravintola Kamu, Hamina Bastioni

2.12 Tanssiorkesteri Sunny Group Six, Presidentti Helsinki
3.12 Summan Krouvi, Summa
9.12. Linnoitusravintola Kamu, Hamina
10.12 Linnoitusravintola Kamu, Hamina
16.12 Tanssiorkesteri Sunny Group Six, Presidentti Helsinki

Sunday, September 11, 2016


Stella Christine is a young Finnish singer-songwriter. She first rose to public attention when she competed in “Uuden Musiikin Kilpailu” in 2016 (Competition of New Music), which is the national pre-selection of the Finnish Eurovision Song Contest representant. The semi-final was a big success and she made it to the finals with her debut single “Ain’t Got Time For Boys”. According to critics, it was an unusual Eurovision song because of its “souly and jazzy vibes” but definitely one of the most musically rich songs in the competition. The song has been played on the radio along with only a few of the other Finnish Eurovision songs this year.

Right now Stella Christine focuses full-time on developing her career as an artist - this year she’s been mainly playings gigs (close to 100 gigs this year) and working on her debut EP.

Facts about Stella Christine:

- Born May 13th, 1992 to a musical family and grew up listening to a variety of genres.

- The soothing sound from the guitar, whether it’s from an acoustic or an electric guitar, is her biggest inspiration when writing songs. She loves doing intimate gigs with only her guitar and her voice.

- She’s influenced by many great soul and r’n’b artists but likes to make her own sound by combining different genres and sounds. Her main motto is to stay authentic and real and she wants to make soulful music that makes people feel.


Tuesday, January 12, 2016

UMK16 // STELLA CHRISTINE: “Ain’t Got Time For Boys”

My first official single "Ain't Got Time For Boys" was released 12.1 !!!! <3 I'm one of the 18 contestants in UMK 2016, the winning act will fly to Stockholm and represent Finland in the Eurovision Song Contest. If you feel my song make sure you vote in the semifinal 6.2.2016 !!<3