maanantai 4. helmikuuta 2019

Myöhäisillan runoja

She licks my salty tears of despair
cleanses my face thoroughly
heals me with her endless love

her firelike eyes looking at me
like she knows it all
but just doesn't tell me

A look that says something like
"one day you'll see"

and very soon
 as she's done with my tears
she curls into this tiny ball and starts snoaring
like everything is just perfect as it is in this world
and I wonder –

how on earth does she do that?

I can't help but be tired
of the warm waters at the surface

sometimes I feel like I'm wrong
like I'm crazy to want to dive 
into something so cold
maybe even dangerous

but I've rubbed my eyes enough times
to swear I've seen mermaids disappear into the depths

and I'm more curious than afraid
to find out where they go

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