Thursday, April 3, 2014


So the trip to New York was - obviously - more than amazing and one of the best experiences in my life. Not a moment passes when I wouldn't long back there, someday I definitely will. Only sunshine and love in my heart during that week!

Now I'm back and struggling with my very last moments at school. Two extremely hectic months left and challenges to face before I'm free from my education and graduate as a "professional musician".

In the end I have to admit it's cool to officially have the "right" to call this my profession but to me it really represents the work I've done for the past three years to develop and, well, to find myself really and to get to this point, so in that way the education feels important to me. So I guess at the end of the road maybe I'll except this title and stop being too humble about it...

Anyway I'll be playing a nice amount of cover gigs with my school band and preparing myself for the the big final concerts where I'll be evaluated for my performance in the end of May. A loooot to do, just hope I'll make this spring alive and don't die from the stress and exhaustion ;D So I'm sad to say I'll still have to be patient with starting with stuff, you know get on with recording my songs etc. which I've been dying to do for a long time now...

I was just planning on removing the old stuff from the internet which are done pretty roughly and already getting old to myself but then I thought I'll just let it stay there until I'll get the new stuff going on. Removed some of them though, pretty much for the reasons I just mentioned. I want the beginning to be fresh and my intentions clear.

So let's keep our thumbs up I'll make it through this spring. At least I've sucked in all the inspiration and the energy boost I got from my NYC trip so I'll just keep on hanging in there!

Love and greetings from The Big Apple from a little, tiny Finn.

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